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The Last Hurrah

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Somehow, the host, actors, comedians, improvisational players and guests made it work.
— The Frederick News Post


MET Comedy Night and The Annual are proud to present The Last Hurrah, a monthly comedy show at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Join us in Stage 2  at 8:30pm on the fourth Friday of every month for a wild off-the-cuff talk show hosted by Kevin Cole featuring the Two Human Family (but not by blood) Band (Karli Cole & Thom Huenger) and a series of panelists including IO Duarte, Callan Holderbaum and more! Each month join this band of goofballs and some special guests as they discuss the world around them, perform stand up comedy, welcome characters and possibly create some slam poetry.

New podcast episodes drop on the first of each month.

Latest Episode: Nov 2018 - The Shining is a Christmas Movie

Upcoming Shows:

Sept 28 ($12)               Oct 26 ($12)               Nov 23 ($12)               Dec 28 ($12)




Kevin Cole

Kevin hosts the show, but don't let that fool you into thinking he's important.

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The Two Human Family

(But not by blood) Band

Karli Cole and Thom Huenger have been rocking along side The Last Hurrah ever since they recorded their break out hit: Stairway to Heaven


IO Duarte

Just another babadook haunting your dreams


Em Perper

Owns the photo of Pluto NASA doesn't want you to see and NO you can't look at it.

Last Hurrah Theatre:

Enjoy some clips from the hurrah over the past 3 years.

Twitter: @LastHurrahLive      Contact:      Producer: Kevin Cole