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The Great American Love Story

Join IO Duarte as they explore the world of talking dog movies. Everything from the Airbud cinematic universe to the straight to netflix puppy productions that you've never heard of. Each film strange and wonderful in it's own way, just like a real dog!

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Two gals talking about love. You know, the kind of love that follows you home at night then hides in the bushes, watching the rise and fall of your chest as you sleep, only to silently creep behind you on your way out the door the next day. The kind that lingers beyond the grave. The kind that makes you eat your young. You guys know what I'm talking about! Tune in every other Tuesday to hear about the many and strange forms love can take.

New episodes every other Tuesday!

Latest Episode: The Only Crime, Love



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Emily Conner

Emily refuses to consume opaque, white condiments.

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Julia Ritz Monroe

Julie knows you’ll want to be her friend; she always has gum.

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