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Marry Me

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This podcast provides a mixing bowl of insightful knowledge, comedic antics, and the evolving definition of modern courtship.
— GDHokie (iTunes)


For years the world has wondered, what would happen if two unmarried comedy writers teamed with a happily married priest to answer questions regarding married life? Now the world has its answer. It all started in 2012 when Cullen Dolson and Kevin Cole met Susan Daughtry, the staff chaplain at an Episcopal Summer Camp where the two worked, the infatuation was instant. By 2013 it had evolved to recurring desperation as the two would proclaim “Marry Me!” after every interaction with Susan despite the fact that she was married, residing with her husband on the same mountain. Eventually, Kevin and Cullen would have to justify their frequent proclamations of love and Marry Me would be born. 

*** Editor's Note: Marry Me is currently on hiatus but accepting questions for its inevitable return. So if you need marriage/relationship advice, send your questions to:

Latest Episode: Two (and a half) years later




Cullen Dolson 


Currently pictured on milk cartons nationwide!


Kevin Cole 

Hasn't been seen since he entered the Black Lodge in 1993


Susan Daughtry 


On sabbatical in the Ozarks


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